1. Track 1 Art Concepts and Techniques
  2. Track 2 Color Holography
  3. Track 3 Electronic, Digital and Computer-Generated Holography
  4. Track 4 History, Culture, and Education
  5. Track 5 Recording Materials and Processing
  6. Track 6 Technical Applications
  7. Track 7 Business of Holography
  1. Oral Communication
  2. Poster Presentation
  3. Exhibition for Holograms

Once your abstract is approved, you will be able to upload the full paper file via the submission tracking page.

Oral Communication Guide
Preparation in advance
Preparing presentation materials

Preparing for presentation with PowerPoint (PPT) files

Save to personal USB and attend the conference
(Not separately collected by the Secretariat)

On the day of the conference
20 minutes before presentation

After arriving at the presentation room, the chairman is notified of arrival

Save the presentation data on the PC in the presentation room

→ A beam projector and PC are set up in the presentation room

→ Personal laptop available if needed

After saving the presentation data, make sure to check the execution status

Presentation time

Keynote speaker
→ 25-minutes presentation, 5-minutes Q&A

General paper
→ 15-minutes presentation, 5-minutes Q&A

Poster Presentation Guide
Preparation in advance
Making of poster

Size: 60 cm × 90 cm

Poster details in free form

The day of the conference
Attach a poster
(1 hour before the start of the conference)

Attach the prepared poster to the poster panel set up in the presentation room

The corresponding panel number is attached to the top of the poster panel

(Attachment location for each presenter can be confirmed on site)

Presentation progress

Standing in front of the poster to answer questions from the chairman and the judges

Remove the poster

Remove poster session within 1 hour after poster session ends

Remove from the secretariat an hour after the end