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Monday, 26 June

  • Special Session (Lippmann Photography Workshop)
    Lippmann Photography Workshop
    Filipe Da Veiga Alves and Yves Gentet
  • Lunch
  • Poster Session (Track 1~7)
    • ISDH2023-AT-0296

      How to make CHIMERA hologram with unreal engine

      Jin Won Choi (kwangwoon university)
      matteo coffin, philippe gentet, Seunghyun Lee

    • ISDH2023-CH-0320

      Characteristic of printed holographic screen with speckle pattern

      Yongho Jang (Holo Lab Co., Ltd, Graduate School of Electronic Engineering, Wonkwang University)
      Whanyong Park, Jongsung Jung, Donghak Shin, Hoonjong Kang

    • ISDH2023-ED-0236

      Super resolution image generation from the complex field information generated using deep learning model

      Mehdi Askari (INHA univeristy)
      Jae-Hyeung Park

    • ISDH2023-ED-0254

      A full-color holographic system based on the RGB-D salient object detection and Taylor Rayleigh-Sommerfeld diffraction point cloud grid algorithms

      Jing Wen Bu (College of Information Engineering, Yangzhou University)
      Jia Hui Ji, Qin Hui Yang, Yu Zhao

    • ISDH2023-ED-0256

      Calculation technique for large backdrops filing visual field of full-parallax high-definition CGH

      Hirohito Nishi (Kansai university)
      Kyoji Matsushima

    • ISDH2023-ED-0259

      Fabrication method of holographic optical element based on aberration-free reflective imaging system

      Erkhembaatar Dashdavaa (Chungbuk National University)
      Hui-Ying Wu, F M Fahmid Hossain, Ki-Chul Kwon, Jong-Rae Jeong, Sang-Keun Gil, Nam Kim

    • ISDH2023-ED-0260

      Qualified single-image depth estimation-based content generation for full-color holographic printing system

      Anar Khuderchuluun (Chungbuk national university)
      Md. Biddut Hossain, Hoonjong Kang, Seok-Hee Jeon, Nam Kim

    • ISDH2023-ED-0301

      An Attention Mechanism-based CNN using RGB-Depth Images for Computer-Generated Holography

      Dongwoo Lee (Kwangwoon University)
      Kyeongseok Jang, Soo Young Cho, Chaebong Sohn, Kwangchul Son

    • ISDH2023-ED-0303

      Neural Network-based Robust Full-complex Hologram Watermarking

      EunSeong Lee (Department of Computer Engineering, Kwangwoon University)
      ZhengHui Piao, Jin-kyum Kim, Donggyu Sim, Young-Ho Seo, Young-Ho Seo

    • ISDH2023-ED-0311

      Quantization Table Extension for the Holographic Compression of JPEG Pleno

      이다인(Da-In Lee) (Kwangwoon University)
      박병서(Byung-Seo Park), 오관정 (Kwan-Jung Oh), 임용준(Yongjun Lim), 서영호(Young-Ho Seo)

    • ISDH2023-RM-0297

      Recording of volume phase gratings in lithium niobate crystal and in germanate fiber using exсimer nanosecond UV laser and phase mask

      Maksim Kiselev, Aleksey Arsenin, Valentyn Volkov

    • ISDH2023-TA-0312

      A Study on Cloud Remote Rendering Method for Visualizing Volume Data of Holographic AR Glasses

      Gyubeom Lim (Kwangwoon University)
      Seunghyun Lee, Gitaek Hur, Soonchul Kwon

    • ISDH2023-TA-0313

      Comparative Study of IoT Sensor Protocol of Holographic AR Glasses

      Sukjun Hong (Kwangwoon University)
      Heejun Youn, Seunghyun Lee, Cheongghil Kim, Soonchul Kwon

    • ISDH2023-TA-0317

      Development of holographic technology for AR near-eye display with focus cue

      Jinsoo Jeong (KETI)
      Jiwoon Yeom, Byounghyo Lee

    • ISDH2023-TA-0319

      A reflective holographic optical element through asymmetrical beam incident method for removing a surface reflected image

      Whanyong Park (1. HOLOLAB 2. Graduate School of Electronic Engineering, Wonkwang University, )
      Yongho Jang, Jongsung Jung, Donghak Shin, Hoonjong Kang

  • Welcome dinner (BASTILLE ROOM, 3F)
* Registration : 08:00 ~ 16:00 (BASTILLE ROOM, 3F)
* Hologram Exhibition : 13:00 ~ 16:00 (BASTILLE ROOM, 3F)

Tuesday, 27 June

  • Session 1

    Track 1. Art Concepts and Techniques
    Track 2. Color Holography
    Track 7. Business of Holography
    Chair : Prof. Alaric Hamacher (Kwangwoon University)

    • ISDH2023-BH-0322

      Holography industrialization by ZEISS Microoptics

      Christoph Erler (ZEISS Microoptics)
      Stanislovas Zacharovas, Petr Vojtisek, Yi Zhong, Roman Kleindienst, Viktor Schütz

    • ISDH2023-CH-0262

      Fill-factor analysis for the augmented reality system using the full-color holographic optical element micromirror-array

      Nyamsuren Darkhanbaatar (Chungbuk National University)
      Rupali Shinde, Joon Hyun Kim, Ki-Chul Kwon, Kwon-Yeon Lee, Nam Kim

    • ISDH2023-CH-0335

      The ZZZyclops V2 color Denisyuk holograms recording system

      Andreas Sarakinos (Hellenic Institute of Holography)
      Alkis Lembessis

    • ISDH2023-AC-0107

      Promoting Holographic art ―Report on Solo Exhibition ―

      Setsuko ISHII (Freelance)

    • Coffee Break
    • ISDH2023-AT-0191

      Digital art hologram of a sea explorer: a poetic view

      Maria Isabel Azevedo (ID+, Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture)

    • ISDH2023-AT-0238

      A Study on the Art of Bonsai within a Holographic Ideorealm

      Yang Gao (Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication)
      Shuo Wang, Xiaofan Liu, Xiaoshuang Ma, Zicheng Liang, Yuke Duan

    • ISDH2023-AT-0241

      An Exploration of the Holographic Installation Artwork 'Within Reach'

      Shuo Wang (Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication)
      Yang Gao, Zhan Xu, Feng Liu, Xiaoshuang Ma

    • ISDH2023-AT-0263

      Revisiting history through virtual reality holographic art

      Ioana Pioaru (Ioana Pioaru Fine Art)

    • Lunch ( Last Order 12:30 )
  • Session 2

    Track 1. Art Concepts and Techniques
    Chair : Prof. Leehwan Hwang (Kwangwoon University)

    • Coffee Break
    • ISDH2023-AT-0295

      Rediscovering Beauty: A Photographic Journey Through the Albumen Lippmann Process

      Filipe da Veiga Ventura Alves (Silverbox)

    • ISDH2023-AT-0267

      coherently breaking rules for light’s sake: a condensation of a few decades recording argon lit dcg

      Michael E Crawford (Light Foundry)

    • ISDH2023-AT-0300

      Making Holograms with IPhone

      Alaric Hamacher (kwangwoon univeristy)

    • ISDH2023-AT-0336

      The 'Real-Virtual' exhibition of holograms at Gallery 286: Exploring the use of display holography in contemporary artistic expression

      Sydney J. Koke (The Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection, 286 Earls Ct Rd, London SW5 9AS, United Kingdom)

      * Registration & Hologram Exhibition : 08:00 ~ 16:00 (BASTILLE ROOM, 3F)

Wednesday, 28 June

  • Exhibition Session

    CHIMERA Presentation / Exhibition Presentation
    Chair : Prof. Leehwan Hwang (Kwangwoon University)

    • CHIMERA Presentation
      Philippe Gentet
    • Coffee Break
    • ISDH2023-TA-0243(Online Presentation)


      John Klayer (None)

    • ISDH2023-0298

      Photon drawing series

      Setsuko ISHII (Independent)

    • ISDH2023-0310 | ISDH2023-AT-0305

      Holography at the science festival: engaging audiences with art and scientific research

      Pearl John (University of Southampton, UK and De Montfort University)

    • LUNCH ( Last Order 12:30 )
    • Social Program
      ~13:00 Departure at the Hotel Lobby
      ~17:00 Departure from the National Museum of Korea
* Registration & Hologram Exhibition : 08:00 ~ 16:00 (BASTILLE ROOM, 3F)

Thursday, 29 June

  • Session 3

    Track 3. Electronic, Digital and Computer-Generated Holography
    Track 5. Recording Materials and Processing
    Chair : Prof. Soonchul Kwon (Kwangwoon University)

    • ISDH2023-ED-0330

      Exploring the Synergy of Technological Convergence: Holography, AI, and Ubiquitous Computing.

      Michael Page (OCAD University: PHASE Lab, Toronto, Canada)

    • ISDH2023-RM-0327

      Exploring angle-dependent image sharpness in reconstructed augmented reality image with holographic waveguide display

      Leehwan Hwang (Kwangwoon university)
      Seunghyun Lee

    • ISDH2023-ED-0223

      Real-time 4K image holographic video display for real object

      Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Nihon University)
      Zhou Fang, Takeshi Yamaguchi

    • ISDH2023-ED-0232

      Twin noise reduction correcting phase modulation error of spatial light modulator

      Gunhee Lee (School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Kyungpook National University)
      Woonchan Moon, Joonku Hahn

    • ISDH2023-ED-0239

      EcHoLas: A Compact Direct-Write Digital Holography Printer

      Ramunas Bakanas (Geola Digital UAB)
      Andrej Nikolskij, Algimantas Stankauskas, David Brotherton-Ratcliffe, Daniel Jędrzejczyk , Arne Heinrich, David Brotherton-Ratcliffe

    • Coffee Break
    • ISDH2023-ED-0247

      Correction Algorithm for Wavelength Mismatch of Sampled Wavefield in Full-Color Computer Holography

      Chang-Joo Lee (Kansai University)
      Hirohito Nishi, Kyoji Matsushima

    • ISDH2023-ED-0255

      Wide field of view high-resolution digital holographic microscope using digital micromirror device

      Minwoo Jung (Kyungpook National University )
      Gunhee Lee, Hosung Jeon, Yongjun Lim, Joonku Hahn

    • ISDH2023-ED-0261

      High-quality 3D model generation from real-world object based on the depth-position mapping for holographic display

      Tuvshinjargal Amgalan (Chungbuk National University )
      Munkh-Uchral Erdenebat, Shariar Md. Imtiaz, Oh Seung Nam, Seok-Hee Jeon, Sang-Keun Gil, Nam Kim

    • ISDH2023-ED-0302

      Removing holographic noise of multiple particles by using shallow U-net model based on digital holography

      Wei-Na Li (Shantou University)
      Ping Su

    • Lunch (Last Order 12:30)
  • Session 4

    Track 3. Electronic, Digital and Computer-Generated Holography
    Chair : Prof. Leehwan Hwang (Kwangwoon University)

    • Coffee Break
    • ISDH2023-ED-0294

      CHIMERA™ 180, a Denisyuk printer

      Yves Gentet (Ultimate Holography)
      Philippe Gentet

    • ISDH2023-ED-0242

      Recent Work on Direct-Write Digital Holography at Geola

      Ramunas Bakanas (Geola Digital UAB)
      David Brotherton-Ratcliffe, Andrej Nikolskij, Andrejs Bulanovs, David Brotherton-Ratcliffe

    • ISDH2023-ED-0315

      Real-time 3D holography based on AI for near-eye displays

      Byounghyo Lee (KETI)
      Jisoo Hong, Jinsoo Jeong, Youngmin Kim, Sunghee Hong

    • ISDH2023-ED-0318

      Full color incoherent holographic video camera with wide FOV

      Youngrok Kim (Kyung Hee University)
      Wonseok Son, Sung-Wook Min

    • ISDH2023-ED-0329

      Animated Synthetic Reality and Next Generation Digital Holography

      Michael Page (OCAD University: PHASE Lab, Toronto, Canada)
      Yves Gentet

* Registration & Hologram Exhibition : 08:00 ~ 16:00 (BASTILLE ROOM, 3F)

Friday, 30 June

  • Session 5

    Track 4. History, Culture, and Education
    Track 6. Technical Applications
    Chair : Prof. Philippe Gentet (Kwangwoon University)

    • ISDH2023-HC-0291

      Early Holography in Sweden

      Hans Bjelkhagen (Hansholo Consulting Ltd)

    • ISDH2023-TA-0234

      A large-scale pulse laser holography camera built with 3D printing and surplus optics

      Martina Mrongovius (Lake Macquarie City Council)
      Matthew Willis, Associate Professor John Holdsworth

    • ISDH2023-TA-0328

      Synthesis art and other applications of DCG holograms in display holography

      Michael SHEVTSOV (S. I. Vavilov State Optical Institute)

    • ISDH2023-HC-0098

      Holography, Serendipity & Me: the ups and downs of 75 years

      Ian Lancaster (Lancaster Consulting)

    • Coffee Break
    • ISDH2023-HC-0106

      A Call to Arms: Margaret Benyon’s Antiwar Holograms

      Zsofi Valyi-Nagy, PhD (The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts)

    • ISDH2023-HC-0137

      Efficient Production of Holograms for Hands-On Holography Course

      Emanuel Istrate (University of Toronto, Victoria College)

    • ISDH2023-HC-0193

      Art and new media: visual information recording for digital art holograms in higher education context

      Maria Isabel Azevedo (ID+, Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture: Coimbra Higher Education School)
      Nuno Chuva Vasco,

    • ISDH2023-HC-0248

      My journey from color holography to pulsed portrait, holographic printing and lenticular lens 3d display

      Yuan Quan (3D Holo Art Laboratory)

    • Lunch (Last Order 12:30)
  • Session 6

    Track 4. History, Culture, and Education
    Chair : Prof. Soonchul Kwon (Kwangwoon University)

    • Coffee Break
    • ISDH2023-HC-0122

      Holographic Structures for Interstellar Exploration

      Dr Martina Mrongovius (Lake Macquarie City Council)

    • ISDH2023-HC-0139

      Teaching Hands-On the Science and Art of Holography

      Emanuel Istrate (University of Toronto, Victoria College, Toronto, Canada)
      Michael Page, Emanuel Istrate

    • ISDH2023-HC-0257

      The contributions by Nils Abramson to the field of holography

      Jonny Gustafsson (Dept. of Production Engineering)

    • ISDH2023-HC-0293

      Holographic reconstruction of 360° Nadar’s Revolving Self Portrait

      Philippe Gentet (Kwangwoon university)

    • ISDH2023-HC-0306

      Preserving display holography: what to keep, where, and why?

      Pearl John (University of Southampton, UK and De Montfort University)
      India Cook

    • Farewell Dinner (BASTILLE ROOM, 3F)

Saturday, July 1

  • Social Program (Demilitarized Zone)
    • Departure from Sofitel
    • Arrival at Imjingak Pavilion Tourist Information Center
    • Arrival at the southern end of Unification Bridge
    • The 3rd Tunnel Tour
    • Dora Observatory Tour
    • Arrival at Unification Village Direct Sales Office
    • Lunch
    • Return to Sofitel